Which Premier League Player Is Going Out With Alisha Lehmann?

5 March 2022

Alisha Lehman is one of Europe’s most promising talents and a constant goal-threat for Aston Villa’s women’s team. She also has a huge following on instagram and TikTok. Alisha is a heartbreaker! But now, it appears that Lehman’s heart has been stolen by a Brazilian baller, and we are here to find out who pulled off such a heist! #Premierleague #AlishaLehmann #Goingout ———————————————— It’s good to hear all kinds of reactions, we’ll definitely use your feedback for our next videos. Turn on notifications, if you don’t want to miss anything on Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal. Follow us: YouTube – Soccer Stories – Oh My Goal: YouTube – Oh My Goal – News: YouTube – Oh My Goal: YouTube – What The Hell? – Oh My Goal: YouTube – Amazing Talents: Facebook: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: ——————————– ——- © Oh My Goal – Jellysmack

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