1 March 2022

Tanya is a dear friend of mine and was the one that kept me sane during my time on RHOCHESHIRE. She has shown me true loyalty and stood up for the truth. For that, I am so grateful. Not only that we had an amazing time together filming the show but also when the camera wasn’t rolling. Tanya is the funniest girl, her one-liners never cease to amaze or shock us but aside from that she truly has a heart of gold and genuinely wants the best for everyone, with her beautiful brand and angel wishes and her attitude to gratitude she was always there to give me a boost of confidence. She continues to inspire all through her unstoppable work ethic and has gone on to launch a multitude of businesses. Tanya is super successful and I am so proud of what she has achieved. My glam style has recently blown up and so has Tanya in the giant advert that is now in Manchester center. Not only that but she is a mum of 4!! How does she fit it all in?? Check out this week’s podcast where we talk about Tanya’s life before the show and some of the crazy moments we have shared along the way! @tanyabardoboutique www.tanyabardo.com @myglamstyle www.myglamstyle.com Welcome to the Love Peace Truth Karma podcast, I am your host Leanne Brown. My aim is to widen your perception of this crazy world, so we can inner stand it fully and shine a light on the darkness and corruption that has been upon us for too long. I am a proud Freedom fighter and believe in our rights to live free. In a system that has indoctrinated us into slavery, there is so much to unlearn, only then can we educate our future generations on how to navigate us to our beautiful NEW WORLD.

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