Ronaldo disquieted concerning Neymar .. The reason!

7 August 2019

Ronaldo disquieted concerning Neymar .. The reason!

Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo aforementioned he was involved concerning rumors about the long run of Paris Saint-Germain,  Neymar DA forest , expressing concern concerning its impact on its performance within the inexperienced parallelogram.

The 34-year-old Juventus scorer spoke to the media on the sidelines of the Spanish newspaper Marca on weekday amid unexampled international attention.

Neymar’s relationship with the club’s management worsened within the previous amount, once a series of ordered events that showed a powerful need to break away from either side. However, the club joined his departure order to the number of cash transferred rather than the transfer.

“I don’t recognize, he’s a good player, and that i have had a decent relationship with him for several years. There are tons of rumors concerning his move to national capital and urban center and he can die,” Ronaldo began talking concerning Neymar.

“These things are done by the press as a result of they need their job, they need to print newspapers, i feel he can keep in Paris and if he doesn’t, he can explore for an area wherever he’s happy, an area wherever he will highlight his potential in soccer,” he aforementioned. .

“I hope he avoids injuries as a result of he has been exposed to several of them, he ought to worry concerning it,” he aforementioned. “I’m conjointly disquieted as a result of i favor to examine him play soccer.”

“No matter what team he plays, I hope he takes excellent care of himself and takes care of injuries, that’s what i need from him.”

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