mason mount cooks ramen at home + eats birdseye chilli | wok from home ep 1

27 February 2022

wok from home is back for veganuary + this time we’re on the road. watch as our global head chef teaches chelsea + england footballer, mason mount how to make a vegan chicken ramen subscribe + hit the notification bell for more episodes with very interesting guests… follow us instagram: tiktok: vegan chicken ramen ingredients: vegan shredded chicken, 100g sweetcorn, 30g bok choi, 30g oil, 10ml spicy teriyaki sauce, 30ml chilli oil, 2ml vegan ramen noodles, 1 portion veg stir fry sauce, 10ml vegetable stock, 300ml chilli sambal paste, 15ml coriander, 4g sliced ​​spring onions, 10g sliced ​​red chillies, 2g – recipe – heat the wok with a drizzle of oil – once hot add the vegan shredded chicken, sweetcorn + bok choi + stir fry, ensuring vegan chicken is hot – now add the chilli oil + spicy teriyaki sauce. toss + mix well – cook the noodles in a pot of boiling water. once cooked, add to a ramen bowl. – dissolve the vegetable stock + stir fry sauce in 300ml of hot water + add to the bowl. – arrange the stir fried vegan chicken and veg in the middle of the bowl – place the chilli sambal paste + spring onions on the dish + garnish with coriander + chillies

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