Lighting for YouTube Videos – Color Background Tutorial

28 February 2022

Getting an RGB Color background doesn’t have to be complicated! Follow the steps in this video and you’ll achieve the look you want in no time. To enter the Motion VFX Giveaway, follow these steps: 1. Step 1, comment on this video what plugins you’d love to see them make. Make sure to mention “Motion VFX” in your comment! 2. Step 2, click this link ( and create your free motion VFX account 3. Step 3, DM @motionvfx on instagram. This message should say “Ben Johnson Giveaway : followed by the email address used for your motionvfx account ” (if you don’t have instagram email that message to [email protected]) If you’re still using auto settings on your camera check out my FREE Super Simple Camera Settings Guide: ⚡️FEATURED GEAR⚡️ SoftBox: RGB Background Light: Rim Light: 🎶 WHERE I GET MY MUSIC: ***Use Code: “CREATIVE20” to save 20% on your Plan!*** 💯 HOW I OPTIMIZE MY VIDEOS: 🔥 MY FAVORITE VIDEO EFFECTS: 💡 MY FAVORITE GEAR My Favorite Camera: My Favorite Lens : My Favorite Video Light: My Favorite RGB Light: My Audio Recorder: My Monopod: My Gimbal: My Drone: My Studio Backdrop: LIFX Z Strip: My Camera Bag: 👕 SHOP MY MERCH: LET’S CONNECT Instagram: Facebook: DISCLAIMER Some of the links in my video description are affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission if you click them and make a qualifying purchase, at no extra cost to you 🙂

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