Fans Genuinely Baffled At Stuart Dallas' Awful Miss, Why Didn't He Shoot Earlier

27 February 2022

Fans Genuinely Baffled At Stuart Dallas’ Awful Miss, Why Didn’t He Shoot Earlier Stuart Dallas completely fluffed a gilt-edged chance and missed out on a consolation goal in Leeds United’s crushing defeat to Tottenham. Leeds went into the break 3-0 down as Spurs ran riot courtesy of goals from Matt Doherty, Dejan Kulusevski and Harry Kane. The hosts conceded just the single goal in the second half, but failed to get on the score-sheet themselves with Dallas wasting a huge opportunity. He capitalized on some slack keeping by Hugo Lloris, who misplaced his pass, and ran through on goal with the goal gaping. However, the Northern Ireland international dwelled on the ball, with his delayed shot blocked by Ben Davies. WHY DIDN’T HE SHOT EARLIER?! Naturally, his terrible decision making sent social media wild. One tweeted: “How can you be that bad. Like even just shoot and if it hits the defender then whatever but you’ve literally just walked into a defender.” A second wrote: “Not even Sunday League finishing quality. Dreadful.” A third added: “That is seriously embarrassing.” Leeds’ fourth consecutive Premier League defeats leaves them in 15th place, just three points off the relegation zone.

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