Tony Khan discusses his dad’s thoughts on AEW

10 May 2022

AEW President Tony Khan has not talked much about his father Chad Khan’s association with the company. However, he revealed that his father admitted that he was wrong about the unsuccessful promotion of the promotion.

Tony Khan co-owns All Elite Wrestling along with his father Shahid, as well as the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and the English Championship’s Fulham (soon to become the Premier League where they were both recently promoted).

Despite Shahid being the lead investor and co-owner of AEW, Tony Khan is the driving force behind the company in terms of making it a success, which he managed to achieve even though his father wasn’t sure from the start.

Talk to Swerve Strickland onSwerve City Podcast“Tony Kahn admitted that his father wasn’t always behind the idea for AEW and has since stated that he was wrong about the rookie promotion:

“He’s gone to like Forbes a few times on the recording and said he was totally wrong, and I don’t like shoving him in the face. It’s why we’re all here,” said Tony. [18:40-18:57]

“He loves coming (to AEW events) and it means a lot to me. So when I see him there enjoying it and how proud he is of how everything is gone, it makes me so happy.” — Tony Khan on his father, Shahid Khan (via Culture State)

Khan went on to say that although his father expects him to waste his money once he inherits his family fortune, Tony believes he’s built something special in All Elite Wrestling:

“It was a great quote because you know he said this money, it’s his money, ‘But one day I’m going to live up to it and you and your sister will inherit it and you’re going to start blowing it right now,’ and fortunately I think we’ve built something really special.” [19:04-19:19]

Two worlds of Tony Khan can collide in the UK

Wrestling and soccer (or soccer for our North American readers) don’t seem to go hand in hand. For Tony Kahn, not only are they related, but they could merge in the future if things go his way.

Khan has made it clear that he wants to move AEW to the UK in the near future. His stated destination for the wrestling show is Craven Cottage, the home of the beloved Fulham Football Club.

It was widely believed that AEW would attempt to host the 2020 edition of Fyter Fest in the UK; However, the COVID-19 pandemic put an end to that.

If Craven Cottage takes place, it will be the first on-court show held in AEW since the “Dynamite Grand Slam” event at Arthur Ashe Stadium in 2021 in New York City.

Do you think AEW will do well at Craven Cottage? Let us know in the comments section below!

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