Charles Barkley talks about Philadelphia 76ers fans

10 May 2022

Philadelphia It’s known as the “City of Brotherly Love,” but Hall of Fame Charles Barclay highlighted the aggressive nature of Philadelphia 76ers fans.

Fans make basketball a unique and exciting environment, but hostile fans can also change the way the game is played. Some of the most rabid fan bases can be a team’s best friend or worst enemy.

Philadelphia sports fans have earned their reputation as one of the most hostile fan bases. Their treatment of Ben Simmons highlighted how fans can pressure a player.

During “The Green Room with Danny Green,” Barkley spoke about what it was like to play for the Philadelphia 76ers and how he feels about 76ers fans:

“I came from a small town in Alabama with a few thousand people, and then they drove me to Philadelphia. They should have sent me to prison for six months, because you shouldn’t come from a small Alabama town and go straight to Philadelphia. Those Philly fans, you won’t They change, though. They either love you or hate you, and I love that.”

The city of Philadelphia and the 76ers fan base is a culture shock for many people. However, Barkley had to adapt from a small town in Alabama to a slightly larger college town in Auburn to the super city of Philly.

While Barkley’s skills eventually led to the 76ers fan base embracing him, some of his teammates weren’t treated well.

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Charles Barkley talks about how Philadelphia 76ers fans treat his teammates

The Philadelphia 76ers unveiled a statue of Charles Barkley, but his teammates didn't get the same love.
The Philadelphia 76ers unveiled a statue of Charles Barkley, but his teammates didn’t get the same love.

Philadelphia 76ers fans’ love is not unconditional, and their hostility may be too much for many, regardless of whether the player is on the team or not.

Charles Barkley recently spoke about how the pressure of playing with the 76 affected one of his former teammates:

“They treated some of my teammates poorly. I played with a guy who makes two mistakes during the first five minutes of every game, and we asked him once, ‘Man, why are you doing this stupid nonsense all the time?'” And he said, with a straight face, ‘Man, I can’t stand the pressure. The fans leave me alone when I’m on the bench.”

Despite the pressure the 76ers fans have put on their players, they are also eager to support their team.

With Philly’s Game 6 guaranteed now for Thursday, 76ers fans will be vociferous in their support or opposition to the current team. This is just as it was with Barkley.

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