Pep Guardiola talks about winning the Champions League with Manchester City

7 May 2022

Like Barnaby Lynn Writing to Insider about 12 months ago, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has upped all the local trophies available since then. admissions The job in 2016. However, he has yet to win the UEFA Champions League with the Premier League side and was subjected to the latest humiliation when City collapsed against Spanish giants Real Madrid on Wednesday to miss this year’s final.

City are the reigning Premier League champions and enter the weekend on top Table But only one point ahead of Liverpool. While speaking to reporters ahead of Sunday’s crucial game against Newcastle United at the Etihad Stadium, Guardiola pointed only a token finger at himself due to his team’s recent gaffe.

“The owners didn’t buy this club and invest in these fantastic facilities just to win the Champions League, they did it to be there in all competitions, every season,” Guardiola explained. Sky Sports. “we want to [win the Champions League]Maybe I’m not good enough to help the team do that. Nobody knows what will happen to another coach and other players.

“People say if this group of players or Guardiola don’t win a title, they are losers, and I totally disagree. We know how difficult it all is.”

Guardiola added that ‘time’ and ‘sleep’ were initially necessary for all involved to get through the difficult result on Wednesday.

On Saturday, we will be together and talk about who we are as a team and what we did to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League. “These are the moments when I feel proud to be here.”

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