Memphis center Jalen Duren entering 2022 NBA Draft

19 April 2022

memphis first class center Jalen Duren He will enter the 2022 NBA draft and waive his remaining college eligibility and sign with agent Chafie Fields of Wasserman. ESPN’s Jonathan Givony.

Duren averaged 12.0 points, 8.1 RPG and 2.1 BPG in 29 games (25.3 MPG) in his first and only college season, winning the AAC Freshman of the Year award and becoming the All-AAC First Team. Givony currently nominates Duren as the number 7 candidate overall. ESPN’s big board and says the big man is the youngest college player predicted to be drafted in 2022.

In the scout report, Givony refers to Duren as a “great force in the paint” on both sides of the court, praising his ability to keep the rim defensively and reach the basket offensively. Givony adds that the young player is showing some promising signs as a setter and shooter, but even without making big strides in those areas, he may be ready to step into a regular NBA role right away.

“A man like Evan Mobley — He had a huge impact defensively, giving the Cavs size, length and mobility. I want to be that kind of guy early on, to have the same kind of influence, Duren told ESPN. “Me too Bam Adebayo and Nikola Jokic. The ball goes through them and they can actually pass. My game fits that. I can keep 1-5. Open the hedge and ball screens and read all the pick and roll. I developed all this very well.”

Duren joins our ever-growing list of early entrants for the 2022 draft. right here.

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