Khamzat Chimaev reveals mindset when cutting weight

19 April 2022

The UFC 273 co-main event was an event fans should remember as Gilbert Burns and Khamza Shemayev wrestled over a split decision. While Chemayev remained undefeated, Burns earned the respect of everyone who watched him on the night.

Chimaev posted a YouTube video on his channel, as he often does, detailing and documenting the terrible weight reduction of the welterweight who is now number three ahead of his match. As the Chechen-born star was on the floor covered in hot towels in the middle of his weight-cutting period, he described a similar time in his life that he reminded him of, saying:

“When I start to lose weight, it reminds me of when I was 14. I had this surgery. I couldn’t eat and drink for a month. They put an IV in my nose and in my stomach.”

The vlog goes on to show the whole process of the undefeated middleweight as it spins from the bathroom to the floor, a challenging hour at best.

Watch the full slicing process for Shemayev’s staples here:

Bowers publicly agreed to a rematch with Burns because many fans felt the super entertaining fight could have ended either way. UFC President Dana White has also stated in multiple interviews that he plans to match Chimaev with Colby Covington.

Chemayev quickly took to Twitter after his victory, tweeting what his future might hold:

“I feel sorry for my coaches that they are working so hard for me” – Khamzat Chimaev gives rigorous performance appraisal at UFC 273

Having put in his best three runs of all time, Chimaev’s Punks criticized his performance in a split decision victory over Gilbert Burns.

In his latest vlog, Shemayev appeared visibly upset when entering the locker room and was beaten and bruised, saying:

“I feel sorry for my teammates who are working so hard for me, I’ve made so many mistakes, and I’ll come back and watch my fight. Like I always do.”

Chimayev went on to say that he was angry that he had not “eliminated the man” and had many things to work on in the future. Many fans felt the fight could have ended either way, with Round Three, in particular, incredibly approaching.

On the other hand, Burns earned respect from the entire martial arts world after showing an inspiring amount of heart and shocking many people in the process.

Watch Shemayev’s latest vlog here:

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