“It is all coming good right now”

19 April 2022

Pat Nevin praised Timo Werner for finding his level again. The German has been performing well with Chelsea in recent matches, contributing goals and assists.

Werner’s time at Chelsea was challenging as the forward found it difficult to deal with his low fitness and low blocks. There were rumors he was looking to get away, but that could be out the window now.

The biggest positive for me today was Werner. He didn’t see this performance coming from the Germans. He was simply very good from the start and gave everything he had. If this is a sign of things to come of him, sign up with me!

Werner scored three goals and assisted two goals in his last three games with Chelsea. The German scored two goals in his victory over Southampton, and followed it up with two perfect goals against Real Madrid. Nevin was writing in his book Chelsea column When he said:

“Some days every decision you make is blessed and clicks like a five-year-old picking up chocolate on an Easter egg hunt. Other times, your actions seem damned and nothing you do is right, even when you do what you’ve been right all along. Your career. The answer is the same for the players as it is for the team: You just keep working, you keep doing the right thing, you don’t blame anyone else and accept that this is just something to work your way through.”

“Perhaps the best example is the man of the match in the semi-finals, Timo Werner. He had to face a lot of stick, he was mistreated by the media for missing chances and he was ridiculed for looking offside. Come to the other end and for his work rate, team spirit and empty demeanor. From flaws, it’s all good now. It comes off well not only on the field but with the crowd as well. That’s what happens when you react the right way to a hard run, even if you have absolutely no idea why that was in the first place.”

Will Timo Werner stay at Chelsea?

Thomas Tuchel trusts Werner once again, and the striker is slowly stamping out his left wing spot.

However, there is still no guarantee as to the future of the former RB Leipzig star at the club, and much depends on the new owners.

New ownership must be decided this month, and the acquisition must close before the summer transfer window opens.

Edited by Sankalp Srivastava

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